Editing Annotation issue - leader lines and updated Anno layers

04-24-2023 03:45 PM
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I have a process where I will copy a utility annotation layer from my organization's enterprise geodatabase into a local file geodatabase. I then update this annotation layer so that I can be able to edit it in ArcGIS Pro. It would seem that, up until ArcGIS Pro 3.0, I could then edit all features in this annotation layer. Now, since I upgraded my ArcPro version to 3.0 & then 3.1, I always seem to get an error when I attempt to edit anno features with leader lines. The error I get when trying to save my edits is "Edit operation failed. Cannot convert polylines or polygons with curves to JSON format." Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution or work-around that is known to anyone in the community? Thanks!

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 I am encountering the same issue.  Did you ever figure out a solution?

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