Dynamic Text Custom Query and Map Series Rows

01-10-2019 09:00 AM
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I have a map series of 225 site floor plans. I want to be able to display total square footage summed by room type with dynamic text. I'm able to accomplish this with a custom SQL query. The problem is, I need the site name specified in the query, and I need that to change for whatever page of the map series that I'm on. As it stands, I can choose either "custom query" or "map series rows" in the insert table statistic query dropdown. Is there any way to pass the page name (site name in this case) into the custom query? Could this kind of functionality be added to a future update of Pro?

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Hi Levi, 

You won't be able to append the page name to a dynamic text statistic element.  You will need to insert a separate dynamic element to get the map series page name. You can get the page name by inserting a dynamic text element from the Map Series group.

You could also use the "Value" dynamic text element to achieve the same result.

Since you are working with 2 elements on the layout you'll need to pay attention to the anchor points of the elements to make sure the text is lined up as you expect as you go through the map series pages. 

Hope this help, 


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I have tried to use this fix, but despite the page name displaying correctly in document, when I go to export to .pdf through share in a map series, the information disappears and I just get Page and a blank space following. 


This also happens with other dynamic texts regarding index. Is there a fix for this? Thank you!


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