Drawing Polygons from Coordinate Information in a Table

04-05-2022 05:10 AM
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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to draw polygons based on coordinate information in a table. Each polygon consists of four vertices, and the table contains 8 attributes that store the x- and y-coordinate of every vertice separately. The table also contains other attributes I'm trying to take over to the polygon attribute table. Is there a way to directly convert the table to a polygon feature? Here's a screenshot of the table so you can get an idea: 


So e.g. P1X stores the x-coordinate for point 1, and P1Y has the y-coordinate for point 1 and so on. Every row represents a polygon consisting of four vertices.

I know of the tool XY table to point and that one could theoretically then turn those points into polygons by hand, but that does not allow me to retain the other attributes. Is there a tool I'm unaware of that turns coordinates into polygons directly?

Thanks in advance for your help, every hint is appreciated!


PS: I'm working on ArcGIS Pro 2.9.2

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Hello Mortiz,

Not 100% sure on this one, but I would start by importing the table into a file geodatabase (if not done so already).  Then I would use "point to line" geoprocessing tool and then "feature to polygon" (using the line features you created with the "point to line" tool).

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Quite a few workflows of point to polygon in this Tech Support article but I believe Amanda's workflow should work for you.

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If interested in a python way, may want to look at this post.

That post starts with a point dataset, but the second half of the python script does exactly what you are asking.  Creates polygons based on 8 xy fields in the table and adds the 'Id' field/values to the polygon.