Does the Arcade Intersects() function use a search tolerance? (point/polyline)

03-19-2022 09:42 PM
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When using the Arcade Intersects()  function on a point and a polyline:

Is a search tolerance used?

The reason I ask:
If I were to zoom in enough, I would think that the point would be close to the line, but wouldn’t truly intersect the line. (Unless the line has a vertex that is exactly the same as the point.)

If that’s the case, then is it implied that a certain search tolerance or buffer is used? If so, how big is the tolerance?

Image source: Arcade Intersects() function docs

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Select By Location graphic examples—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

So even if the point were on the line it wouldn't be selected.  So I suspect you want Arcade to implement the same intersect options that Arcpy does

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