Delete small tiff very slow

03-02-2022 07:08 AM
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I am trying to do a copy & paste of a small tif raster on a local disk. It takes about a minute.

Running the GP tool delete takes almost one minute too. Deleting directly in catalog takes 2 seconds.

So I opened a new aprx and tried the same operations and everything works very quickly.

I tried to understand what is wrong with the original project.

The only thing I can think about is the the default.gdb was about 500Mb and include a few rasters and about 12 vector layers.

It took me about 1 minutes to delete all of them but it did not change the behavior of the aprx (still very slow).

Any body have any idea what can cause an aprx to behave like this?

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Delete simple small layers (point/line/polygons) took very long time too.

I tried to compact the default.gdb but it did not helped.

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