Definition query with SQL Expression error (accessing data failed)

02-16-2022 04:42 AM
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We have an issue with SQL expression  definition query in ArcGIS Pro. when we publish a layer filtered using SQL definition query, the service publish but the data is not visualized, when we add the data to a map in Enterprise 10.8.1 we get Accessing data failed" error. 


If we publish service without SQL expression definition query, service is able to visualize


We have done the same process using ArcMap, we do a definition query using a SQL Expression and publish the service and the service is filtered as it should but using the same workflow with Pro 2.9, we are not able to do it. 

Any idea?



Diego Llamas


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One thing I'm seeing in the internals is if the field name is 32 characters or more, then the error message appears.  If your field name upon which the definition query is built is 32+ characters in length, shorten the field name to less than 32 characters, apply the definition query and publish. What is the result?

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Hello Robert,

yes we had read something about 32 characters. when we create The expression it validates fine on the definition query popup, but the field names are less than 32 characters.

These are the SLQ Expressions we use


DATEPART(year, fecha_ocurrencia) = DATEPART(YEAR,GETDATE()) and fk_delito_cometido_tipo_I = 1

As I mention, those works fine with arcmap  after we publish the server.

In Arcgis Pro when we do the query we can filter data and we can see then but when we publish the data with filter, there we have the error. Error that do not occur with arcmap service.






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