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Definition Query by layout/Page query by layout name?

06-23-2023 09:25 AM
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So I have a set of maps that don't work well for a map series because they are somewhat unusual shapes and need different layouts, but I would like to maintain a single map that all the layouts use (takes about 10 minutes for the project to open with about 10 maps and layouts). The issue I have is that the main boundary I'm displaying overlaps. I would like to imitate a page query but outside of a map series just by the layout name or dataframe name or something like that? Does anyone know if something like that is possible?

One thought I had was adding all the individual features and turning them on/off with arcpy but that seemed overly complicated so thought I'd see if anyone has a work around for something like this.



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Hi there. Would you be able to create a series of bookmarks on the same map that each zoom to the location where you'd like the final layout(s) to be? The bookmarks could function as a sort of page query to zoom you to the right place each time, and each bookmark can be named for reference. 

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