Deep Learning Tool Error

12-23-2021 11:18 PM
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I have been attempting for deep learning based pixel classification in ArcGIS Pro (GUI). I am using a sentinel 2A image for human settlement classification and using a pre trained model taken from ESRI web. But since the time i have updated to ArcGIS 2.9 I am not able to use deep learning tool properly. I am attaching the error screen shot with this. Please help me on this.

@SandeepKumar1 error.JPG



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Did you install the deep learning frameworks for Pro 2.9?

Esri/deep-learning-frameworks: Installation support for Deep Learning Frameworks for the ArcGIS Syst...

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Thanks for your reply.

I upgraded from ArcGIS Pro 2.8 via OTG update so I thought previously installed deep learning libraries might work on the same. Now I will try to install these libraries again.

I will update this once again after updating my Deep learning libraries  

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