Deep Learning: Blurred square is "off" and not covering license plate

11-01-2021 03:44 AM
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I am quite new to using the "Classify Pixels Using Deep Learning"-tool.


I have a number of photos taken with a GoPro 360 camera, and I want to blur the license plate. Using this package in the tool, I am able to produce new rasters, but the blurred square is not always over the license plate itself. In some cases, the license plate is completely blurred, but in other cases a square over the license plate is blurred. What is going? Am I missing a parameter?

The following photo-snippets are part of a 360 degree photo with three cars in it. The tool successfully blurs the first cars license plate. 


The second car actually blurred the license plate, but as you can see, the blurred square is a little bit off and a lot larger than the license plate itself.


The third cars license plate wasn't blurred at all. Instead the tool blurred a square over the license plate itself.


Can someone help me understand what I am doing wrong. Is it because I use 360 degree photos? Is it because the license plates are danish?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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