Date/Time column of layer in ArcGIS Pro is 5 hours behind same layer ArcGIS online

09-15-2022 02:20 PM
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I am trying to work with an ArcGIS online layer in my ArcGIS Pro software and the date/time column is incorrect . The date is correct but the time is 5 hours behind. I have tried changing the time zone on my computer before downloading the layer, but I still get the same problem. I also have tried using the "Convert Time Zone"
tool in ArcGIS Pro, but because the column has date AND time it doesn't recognize it as time. Any ideas of how to change the time to match ArcGIS online?

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When you share from ArcGIS Pro, try adding the date fields under configuration. Just a thought.




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But I'm not trying to share the layer with ArcGIS Pro. I am importing the layer FROM ArcGIS online TO ArcGIS pro. The online version has the correct time.