Data downloaded from ArcGIS Rest Service which can open in QGIS but not ArcGIS Pro

03-01-2024 10:37 AM
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Hi there!

I downloaded several files located in "DynamicLayers" from an Taiwanese Governmental ArcGIS Rest Service server (
by QGIS "Data Source Manager", 
but after several exports, neither saving as Geopackage or as single ShapeFile
can be opened successfully in ArcGIS Pro.

When I import the layers under GeoPackage, It pops up this:
Adding layer under gpkgAdding layer under gpkg

If I export as SHP and execute import,
It can be loaded into "Map" Window and become visible like usual,
but when I try to open the Attribute Table, the query stucks suddenly and pops up like this:

Opening Attribute Table from loaded SHPOpening Attribute Table from loaded SHP

and the file can be loaded succesfully in QGIS without error:

QGIS can load without errorQGIS can load without error

The file ("Sidewalks_Width.gpkg") can be access here. 


Thanks for your time with this post,
best regards,

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@WilliamYu811, not sure about the reason for this issue. But, here is the solution:

Open ArcGIS Pro >> Click Add Data drop-down >> Click Add Data from path >> Paste this URL :

Click OK.


The data will be added to the map.

If you want to export data from ArcGIS Pro, you can use "Export Features" gp tool:



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@WilliamYu811 , I was able to successfully add data using above workflow I mentioned:



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If you can open the spatial part of a shapefile but not the attributes then you have somehow separated out the *.shp file from the *.dbf.  You have to keep all the shapefile parts together in the same folder.