Custom geocoder findAddressCandidates is not returning results for certain addresses (with many subaddrs)

07-23-2021 08:44 PM
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I built a custom geocoder, and I'm having some trouble retrieving candidates for certain addresses, namely, addresses with many subaddresses.

Here's a link to the geocoder:

I have an apartment building, 10 Witherell. There is a separate record for 10 Witherell, without unit type/number, and then records for each of the subaddresses, in the feature class that is in the PointAddress role which is used in the creation of this locator.

However, I can not get a candidate for the SingleLine string "10 Witherell". I can get results if I attach a dummy subaddress: "10 Witherell #1". Even though this address does not exist in the data, it finds the main building address, which is what I'm looking for.

What's also confusing is that typing "10 Wither" into the suggest endpoint will give me the base 10 Witherell address, and a magicKey I can use, but I need to be able to geocode the address "10 Witherell" from the findAddressCandidates and geocodeAddresses endpoints.

Furthermore, this doesn't seem to be a problem in ArcGIS Pro. Only when I deploy the geocoder to a server and try to search through that endpoint, does the error appear.

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@jmcbroom What version of Pro was the locator built in? What version of Server is the locator published to? Can you provide a screenshot of the Reference table page of the locator properties?

I don't seem to be able to reproduce the behavior you described in your original post for findAddressCandidates. Did something change since your original post?

I would recommend that you use the location parameter in your REST requests especially if your input  address does not include an administrative zone like city, zip code, state, neighborhood. The location can be the coordinates for the center of the reference data The location parameter is discussed in the findAddressCanddiates help topic.

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