Creating degree tic marks for a circle

12-09-2020 12:21 PM
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Does anyone have an easy way to create degree tic marks for a circle? I have a convoluted way to do it using the Bearing Distance to Line tool, where I create 360 lines coming off of a point, then I have to split those lines using a two slightly different sized circles I draw so I can get a 360 tic marks. This is a pain when I have multiple distances, and was wondering if there is a more straightforward way to do this.


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I'm not too clear on what your goal is, but have you looked into using an m-enabled feature class. With it, you can enable hatching and label the M values:

After enabling the hatch labels at measured units, I would roughly follow this workflow with the line feature class:



  1. In the GIF above, I create a temporary 2-point line directly north that represent the center point and radius of the circle.
  2. I then create a circle (must enable the circle tool in the line template) that snaps to the temporary line.
  3. I then use Edit Vertices to set the From and To of the m-values for new circular line:

I didn't spend too much on styling the labels, but there are plenty of options for that.

Does this help?



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