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Creating a Time Zone map but all time zones are not showing

08-14-2023 12:08 PM
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I am creating a map that will show time zones broken out by color for the US and territories. I create my feature layer based on state/country and counts and joined it with the World Administrative Divisions Map. I have 12 time zones but they do not all show up on the map when I join the layers. I have changed the name of the states to make the World Administrative Divisions Map and added Country.

Steps I take when I joint the layers

Target-World Administrative Divisions

Layer to join-Time Zones

Fields to match: Name(Target field) and State (Time Zones)/ Country(Target) and Country(Time Zones)

Join one to one

Keep all target features


I have 12 time zones but only these show in the map



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Not exactly an answer to your question but you can add a World Time Zones feature layer from the Catalog Pane to you map and use that.  In the Catalog Pane, click the 5th icon from the left (i.e. the cloud - ArcGIS Online), search for World Time Zones and add that feature layer to your map.  Then you can symbolize by the Zone field for the -minus values.  That would work!

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