Create segment of circle based on point and attribute for radius?

04-06-2022 02:02 PM
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Can anyone suggest a python snippet that could generate a segment of a circle, with the cetnre of the circle defined by a point feature class, and the radius of the segment based on an attribute from the point?

The segment angle can be hard coded, and based on a segment that subtends  northwest through to due east.

The reason for this script, is to generate indicative shadow areas for trees, with the radius based on the tree's max height value.

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sector code

def _arc_sector(radius=100, start=0, stop=1, step=0.1, xc=0.0, yc=0.0):
    """Create an arc from a specified radius, centre and start/stop angles

    `radius` : number
        cirle radius from which the arc is obtained
    `start`, `stop`, `step` : numbers
        angles in degrees
    `xc`, `yc` : number
        center coordinates in projected units

      points on the arc
    start, stop = sorted([start, stop])
    angle = np.deg2rad(np.arange(start, stop, step))
    x_s = radius*np.cos(angle)         # X values
    y_s = radius*np.sin(angle)         # Y values
    pnts = np.c_[x_s, y_s]
    cent = np.array([xc, yc])
    pnts = pnts + cent
    sector = np.concatenate((cent[None, :], pnts, cent[None, :]), axis=0)
    return sector


example call, it returns a numpy array.

a = _arc_sector(radius=100, start=20, stop=70, step=1, xc=0.0, yc=0.0)

angle from 20 to 70 (relative to N over 0 to 360) in 1 degree steps with center xc, yc)

If you need a list

a_list = a.tolist()

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@DanPatterson great thank you. So if it generates a numpy array of points, i can use the following to generate a polygon:

a_list = array.tolist()

# Create a feature class with a spatial reference of OSGB1936
result ='<GDBLocn>',
                                             "TestShadow", "POLYGON", spatial_reference=27700)
feature_class = result[0]

# Write feature to new feature class
with arcpy.da.InsertCursor(feature_class, ['SHAPE@']) as cursor:


worked a treat. you're a star 🌟

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glad it worked out!

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