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05-11-2023 01:00 PM
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Hey there, helping a client with their project and feel like I hit a brick wall and don't really know if its possible to do what they're asking (despite it seeming pretty simple)

Basically, the client goes out into the field every day and lays down points in field maps whenever he finds an area that needs revisiting. He populates the fields with information about the area and attaches photos before submitting the points.

When he comes in from the field he wants to be able to generate reports of the points (one per page with all the notes and photos) once a week or so, so that he can pass it off to another employee to revisit.


To do this, I made a report template in Pro which I somehow never had to do before (typically our clients use the reporting capabilities in S123) with dynamic text and spots for the attachments and it works well enough. It still was a bit of an adjustment teaching him him how to use Pro since he doesn't use it for any other aspect of his job but they had the licenses already so not a huge issue. But here's the problem- he doesn't want all of the points in the report every time. He would prefer to be able to select them on a map and then just generate reports for those specific points. I cannot figure out how to do this with my current workflow or really any other workflow without having to teach him how to export the selected features out from the original layer. I know there's a way to use SQL to only run the reports based on an expression but there's no particular attribute he is typically trying to export at a time, usually its just the most recent points he's selected.

Well now that I've said all that, my question is twofold- 1. Does anyone know if its possible to generate reports in a way that will allow the user to manually select which features will be included in the report? 2. Can anyone think of a smarter/more streamlined way to do this, preferably one that doesn't touch pro at all? Figured it's worth a shot to post here and see if anyone else has done something similar. Thanks!

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Hi @slach!

Glad to hear you're using Pro reports and are able to get to this point!

Report export works like geoprocessing tools. We honor the selection set of the data source. The data source must be a layer in a map, which sounds like what you're doing, and that layer has to have the selection. If you select points from your layer and you're still seeing all points exported, that sounds like a bug and you should report it to support.

As for how to streamline, I recommend automating this. Once you have the project set up with the correct layer in your map, you can build an script to export the report. The only thing that may require touching Pro is manually selecting the points, though you can call Select Layer By Attribute. If you go that route, you might as well just set a definition query on the report using arcpy, since the queries will be the same. 

If you still require Pro just to manually select points, you can also use the Export Report to PDF tool. Just keep an instance of it in your history and you can re-open it easily, change the PDF name if necessary, and run.

Good luck!

- Alycia

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