Create polygons of specific size using geodesic measurements

12-14-2021 08:06 AM
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Hi all, 

I am trying to create polygons of a specific size from a known point using a geodesic measurement mode. For example, I have a known point and want to create a polygon that is 100m x 30m starting at that point. I figured out how to do it by right clicking while I am creating the feature and setting the distance. However, I just realized it was doing that with a planar measurement mode. Unfortunately, I am far enough from the equator that I have a big error with that. I there a way to set the mode for the distance function in Create Features to be geodesic? 



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Construct geodetic features—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

There are limited feature types that you can create. 

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Thank you! That gets me closer. I was hoping to draw rectangles instead of ellipses and circles. 

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