Create New Layer from Overlapping Geometries in Two Feature Class Layers with Duplicate Attribute Table Entries

03-08-2022 08:45 PM
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Hello ArcGIS Pro Community! I am new to GIS software, so please bear with me. 

My overall project goal is to determine suitable land plots for development purposes. The areas of interest are being filtered by land size, distance to infrastructure, percent area moderate or greater slope, and percent area impacted by potential flood hazard. So far I've been able to get to the last filter and it is causing some difficulties. Here is how I'm attempting to get my analysis of percent land area impacted by flood hazard:

1. Run Geoprocessing Tool "Intersect" between File Geodatabase Feature Class layer with 170 polygons representing land shapes and a Feature Service Feature Class layer polygons (USA_Flood_Hazard_Reduced_Set). The Tool processes the data and the resulting Geodatabase Feature Class Layer Attribute Table contains multiple instances (rows) where the "Flood" shapes intersect with the "Land" shapes. The new Attribute table now has 522 rows from 170 "Land" shapes. 

Is there a way to run this type of analysis so that the resulting layer contains the total intersect areas ("Flood Areas") for each 170 "Land" shapes without splicing the original "Land" polygons?

Product: ArchGIS Pro 2.9, Basic License, Extensions Bundle Package.

I hope that wasn't too confusing or generalized. This product is fantastic, but the learning curve is steep!

Thanks All for any guidance.

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Hi @JohnCordisco ,

You could go for Spatial Join and use Spatial joins by feature type

I hope this helps.

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I've tried using the spatial join but my only issue is that the "Flood" layer has 6 categories for 500yr, 100yr, etc flood potential polygon shapes. I will try to merge the symbology into a single polygon and see if I get what I'm looking for. 

Thanks Shan!

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Advanced license, unfortunately for you

Tabulate Intersection (Analysis)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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Dan, I've been assuming that there was a software feature I didn't have access to that would make life easier. Isn't that always the case!

Thanks for the reply!

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I'm thinking if there is some sort of unique ID, maybe an OID field, in the land shapes, then there must be duplicates of that ID in the resulting flood shapes. You could dissolve on that ID number to merge them together to back to your 170 shapes.

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After comparing the "Land" attribute table and selecting the polygon on the Map, the pop-up has two records although the attribute table only shows one. Could this be the part of my issue?


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