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10-01-2021 09:13 AM
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Hi everyone, 

I used Create Locator in ArcGIS Pro to create a zip code locator using the ZIP role. My field mapping is just the ZIP field. I built the locator successfully. A couple questions:

  1. In the properties for Input fields there are a ton of extra fields that I don't need (Address, Address2, Address3, Neighborhood, City, Subregion, Region, PostalExt, CountryCode). Is there a way to remove these input field options? Since this is just a zip role, all these other fields are meaningless. 
  2. When I publish this to Portal/ArcGIS Server, is there a way to limit the output fields? It is just a ZIP role yet the output fields have the full gamut of address part fields that are always going to be blank. Its a lot of clutter and confusion for users.
  3. When looking at the GeocodeServer page of the published locator, the fields have this long list of localizednames. Is there a way to remove them entirely and/or customize which localizations show up? JoshKalov_0-1633104635485.png

Thank you


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1. The input fields are fixed for all locators created with the Create Locator tool regardless of the role the locator is based on. If it is just zip code, you should be able to use the SingleLine input field. Is the purpose of using the geocode service at the REST endpoint for development purposes to verify results or will the geocode service be used in an application?

2. To limit the output fields returned by the locator, turn off the unwanted fields in the Locator Properties of the locator in ArcGIS Pro on the Output fields page of the dialog. Then overwrite the service using the modified locator.

3. It's not possible to remove or customize the localized names for the locators created with the Create Locator or Create Feature Locator tools that are published as services.


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