Create British National Grid reference to point feature layer

02-16-2022 07:14 AM
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I have a point feature layer and I want to add the British National Grid reference to each point locations in ArcGIS Pro. I’ve found the calculate geometry that adds in a point- X and Y to get easting and northing to a field.

For example:

X= 400260.07380000036  

Y= 851057.6593999993

I want it to be converted into BNG ref : NK002510

Is there a way to do this in Pro? 




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One possible workflow is to download the Ordinance Survey National Grids from GitHub  in shapefile format and add the OSGD_Grid_1km shapefile to your map that has your point layer.  The data from GitHub also has the 5km and 10km grids too.  Then right-click on your point layer and select Joins and Relates-Spatial Join and create a spatial join between your point layer and the OSNG shapefile.  It will create a new feature class but the added fields will have the PLAN_NO field that contains the BNG ref like NS5666 and so on.  In the new feature class, you can delete any attribute fields that are not of relevance keeping only the PLAN_NO field for labeling and such.  Hope this helps!

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Thanks, I'll give that a good 

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