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03-29-2023 08:02 AM
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I have a map constisting of two layers (Streets, Intersections) the streets are in different segments. Both the streets and points are mapped according to a feature which has five attributes (rank 1 to 5). I have this map for two different years, where the streets and points have different ranks. 

Now my probleme. Does anybody have an idea how to map "the change"? Is there a feature in ArcGISPro that can caluclate the change? And any good ideas how to visualize it (my though there is currently: if it got "worse" darker and if it got "better" lighter colors)? 

I added two pictures to support my chaotic description

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If the segments are the same and have the same ID year to year you could join the tables by ID, calculate a new field that is the difference between each year's ranking, and then use that for your symbols. I would be tempted to subtract Year 1 values from Year 2 so that you would get a negative value for decreases in ranking and positive values for increases, 0 values would show no change. You could then apply a color ramp that goes from red to green with some intermediate color between so things on the red scale show decreases in rank, and green show increases. Is this the sort of thing you are considering?

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Thanks! It's a great start! 

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