Counting the number of centroids in a certain distance

12-16-2021 02:23 PM
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Hello Everybody. This is my first post in this group.

I am trying to calculate number of centroids in a 500km radius from a particular stretch of centroids (104 points) in my grid. I have a cost raster through which I have used cost distance command to calculate least-cost/shortest paths between that stretch and the target points. I am not concerned about the cost of the path and hence reclassified my cost raster as well. However, I am not being able to count the number of centroids in 500 kilometers from each of the centroid in my stretch feature class. How do I do that? Pleas help me 

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you are doing this in vector world?  An image would help since it appears to be a simple select by attributes within a distance of... style question (or other intersect/extract variants), but it may be more complex

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