Copy or Export/Import XML fail due to DBMS sequence not found

01-04-2023 06:37 AM
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Using ArcGIS Pro 3.0.3

There is a database sequence used in an attribute rule applied to an attribute in the feature class I wish to export to a file geodatabase. When connected as the owner of the sequence, the copy succeeds. When connected as any other user, the copy fails.

I am copying a feature class from an SDE to a FGDB using data management's Copy , and get this error:    

000260: DBMS sequence not found

I've also tried import to XML (on feature dataset containing the feature class) and import XML to a file geodatabase. I get this error: 

ERROR 002899: The sequence name is invalid.

We have gone into SSMS to grant permissions to the specific users but see no change in behavior. The other users are able to perform edits (which trigger the attribute rule) with no problems. Seems to be a permissions issue, but since the attribute rule referencing the sequence still succeeds during edits and the permissions have been updated specifically for the sequence, I am out of ideas.

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