converting point data to raster data

12-12-2021 04:21 AM
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Hi all,

I am carrying out a project looking at population data in different wards of a county in England. I have the different wards mapped on arcgis, and I have the population data on excel. However, I want to merge each ward with their corresponding population data, and then map this as a heat map. Right now, I jut have point data for each subset of the population, and so when I go to map it on arc, the population looks like it is falsely concentrated in one area rather than spread across the wards.

Is there a way to tell arc that the population data covers a set polygon, or that it corresponds to the wards that it already has mapped out and I want to add data to?

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What form are your data in for the wards?  polygons?

Add Join (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

XY Table To Point (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation if you need to get a point featureclass first

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You may want to build a new csv file contains all the data you have and then create a point feature layer. With the point feature layer, select heatmap as symbology to create the heat map.

So, steps are:

1. Create a new csv, have the first 2 columns for the lon/lat for the coordinate of wards, then 3rd column for the population data of each ward. Any other data you want to include can be putin other columns (such as the name of the ward, etc.). Further details you can find here

2. Import the csv into your ArcGIS sofrware to create a point feature layer. 

3. Change the symbology to  heatmap

Please let me know if I can help further 🙂

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