Convert Time Zone doesn't work?

03-17-2021 01:51 AM
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Hi folks, 

I've got a quite complicated question about the date field in ArcGIS Pro.

I am using Survey123 to make a hosting feature service/layer and trying to explore and edit the data in ArcGIS Pro. I know that CreationDate field uses UTC, so I used "Convert Time Zone" tool to convert the date and time in Korean Standard Time.

When I looked through the attribute table, the process seems to work very well - converted everything looking good. However, when I click a feature with identify tool, the value is 1899-12-30.




I don't know why this happens even after searching and reading a lot and lot of articles, posts, etc.

I wonder if I have to trust what I see in the attribute table, or in the identification. 

Please make some comments if you've ever had this phenomena or found a workaround.


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In my research, I found something interesting, when a feature layer is created with a date field set as "Allow Null Values = No" and the field is NULL, the date is set 12/30/1899.  I'd recommend going to the Field Designer and seeing if Allow Null Values is set to No.  If so, change to Yes and retest your workflow.  What is the result?

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