Contingent values

11-04-2021 12:44 AM
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Hi there,

I am looking at different types of vegetation and want to use contingent values. I like the hierarchical method. I haven't used these before though, so I am running into some issues. Hopefully an easy question for someone who is more experienced in this space.

I'll use this as my example.

I've created two different field groups (no vegetation and non-woody vegetation) using the parameters below.


When I select No vegetation, I want utility areas or ponds to be my option. This works fine when this is the only field group I've added.

However, when I add in Non-woody vegetation, if I choose No vegetation and only fill out Parameter 1 and 2, Arcpro throws an error and is expecting me to fill out Parameters 3-5 as well. Why is this? They aren't supposed to be related to each other.




Do contingent values carry over in to AGOL or will it not work outside of Arcpro? We are building this to be used in the cloud to make it more accessible for others.

Thank you in advance for your help.





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