Configuration of ArcGIS Licence Manager in Azure VM

04-18-2022 11:57 PM
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I would like to configure ArcGIS License Manager to provide ArcPro licences via Portal on an Azure VM.
License Manager is installed in an Azure VM and set up as per the support doc (  Both Portal and License Manager are installed on the same server.  When logged on to the server and opening Pro from there, the licence is successful, but when trying to obtain a licence from a PC, it fails with the error "An unknown error has occurred. Contact your administrator to check that the licence manager is running with valid licences".

Note: Access to Portal is ok from that same PC, suspecting this has something to do with the PC not having access to the correct ports etc. on the VM server (27000 and 5152).  We have tried to open them in the Azure environment, but there is little documentation on how to do this.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you kindly

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You're on the right track.  Here's what you basically need to do:

1.  Tie down the two ports used by the license manager. 

2.  Open those two ports through the operating system's firewall or disable the firewall altogether.  

3.  Open the two ports through the Azure security network.

4.  Open the two ports through the network where Pro is installed.  

5.  Open the two ports through the firewall on the operating system hosting ArcGIS Pro.  

As you can see, there are multiple firewalls involved in a typical configuration.  If possible, I disable the Windows Defender on the Windows machine hosting the license manager and the client application, ArcGIS Pro.  Also allow all machine access to the Azure network through those two ports.  It's just to simplify the process.  Once confirm Pro can access the license manager in Azure, you can always go back and tighten your security.  Of course you will need to contact your network administrator to open the ports through your network if Pro is on a machine in a specific local network.  

It's not the step-by-step you're looking for but overview of the process.  Hope that helps.

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