Comparing percentages over time.

12-04-2019 06:19 AM
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I have two groups of census tracts; not only geographically located, but also two specific years (2012 & 2017) that contain education statistics. I would like to assemble a “side-by-side” comparison based on values representing HS Diploma, GED Alt., Associates, Professional, Doctorate, etc. for each included tract. In some tracts, the higher education counts are non-existent for the earlier year but now has a volume for the latter. I’ve calculated the percentages and would like to provide a tract level “% of change” value. Because some induvial poly tracts include a zero count, it returns a zero result of the individual tract calculation. Ex: 2012 Doctorate graduates 0, 2017 Doctorates 7. The amount of increase is 7.

(7/0) *100= 0.

I understand when the group is summarized, all categories list a value greater than 0 and allows for a grouped statistic. But, I’m attempting to also display at tract level for color ramp representation. Does anyone have experience or suggestions on such a calculation approach?

Thanks for any suggestions provided.

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