collapse records in standalone table (Model Builder)

04-18-2023 06:44 AM
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Using ArcGIS Pro 2.9.5 Advanced and file geodatabase for all data workspaces.

I have a model built using an iterator to perform various geoprocessing on input polygon geometry*, where the goal is output in a table where each row contains beginning and end x/y coordinate pairs, which will be used elsewhere outside of the model to create line features.

Following geoprocessing of the input shapes, I'm perform four Sort functions on a table to get the minimum or maximum value for a specific field, then a Get Field Value to capture that first record from the sort for each of the four Sorts.  This is where I get stuck: I'm currently using the Get Field Value results, followed by Collect Values and exporting those results to separate tables, then merging the four tables together.  The result is close to what I need, but I need to dissolve the records together but am not sure how with a standalone table.

Because this is within an iterate, ideally I could just use the four Get Field Values and use those to calculate fields in another table (where each iteration calculates on the same record) - but I cannot figure out how to do that.  Perhaps I'm approaching this wrong altogether, or perhaps there's a way to use Pandas to dissolve/melt the merged table output...I'm stuck.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

*I am manually merging parcel data together by PLSS section, and then using this model builder process to create PLSS quarter section lines based on the geometry of the merged parcels.  The model builder iteration is to perform the various geoprocessing section-by-section.  The desired result is for cleaner cartographic displays where at least the section lines and parcel boundaries are coincident.  So far this model is only focused on the West-East quarter section lines.  If I can get it working I'll expand it to also create South-North lines as well.

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