COGO-Enabled Lines Ignore Time Settings?

10-07-2021 10:23 AM
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I have a hosted layer that we use with our Parcel Drafter WAB Widget. The lines layer is COGO-enabled and has time settings defined.


When adding this layer to Pro to work on our Parcel Fabric, I've noticed that the lines layer does not respect the time settings. In fact, it doesn't respect any of the settings, because the COGO-enabled status causes Pro to utilize the Pro\Resources\LayerTemplates\COGO\en-US\COGO_Lines.lyrx file.

This is a good thing, as it brings in the useful scale-based symbology and labeling profiles that are otherwise a pain to set up. However, the file has no timeFields or timeDefinition. Without those, the layer properties show it as not being time-enabled, and importantly, I cannot change that.


It's one thing for a lyrx file to define a property when it is present, but another to permanently set a property that isn't even defined.

For now, I've simply modified the template file, but it's not an ideal solution. Anyone else run into this sort of thing, or have alternative solutions?

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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