Clipping a raster to a custom polygon Issue

12-10-2020 05:24 PM
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I created a custom polygon in ArcGIS Pro using the Create Features tool and drawing a polygon on the map.

Then, I attempted to use Raster Functions to clip a raster layer to this polygon.

The output is a raster with an inappropriate range of values, clipped to the polygon I created. What is happening here? Why have the pixel values of the raster changed? 

The Clipping Type was set to Outside, the Clipping Geometry / Raster was the polygon I created, and "Use input features for clipping geometry" was selected. 

The original raster has a range of values from approx. 0-35, and the clip output raster has a range from -3.4e+38 to 3.4e+38 or so. 

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I would not base the range of values from the legend of the map.  Examine its histogram. I suspect you didn't use the same symbology for the output (try import symbology from layer and use your original layer)

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