Clipping a multipatch

12-13-2021 12:48 PM
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I have a 3D multipatch which I would like to clip so that I have a file that only has the parts of that multipatch that overlap a 2D polygon (regardless of the Z-value of the multipatch in that area). 

The closest I've come so far is the 'Slice Multipatch' tool which I could hypothetically use to slice off the sides of the multipatch. However, the tool seems extremely unwieldly and I can't get it to line up and slice cleanly, especially as I want to slice in the same spot on a bunch of multipatches. If there was some way to use a polyline as an input for where I want it to slice, that would be great (or if anyone has advice on just using that tool in general!) but otherwise I'm struggling with that. 

In addition, another alternate solution I've found is that I can go into the properties of the scene and choose clip layers-- but that clip doesn't stay if I want to export the file to ArcOnline and it isn't actually clipping the multipatch itself so the file isn't changed. 

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