Cleaning Up REST Endpoint of a Geocode Service

03-15-2021 08:03 AM
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I have published a multirole locator as a geocode service from ArcGIS Pro 2.7.1 to ArcGIS Server 10.7.1 and would like to clean up the REST end point before we make it public. I Would just like to keep the first entry in English for the Address field. I set the language code to English before publishing the service, is there anything else I can do? I would also like to populate the service description but I can't seem to figure out where that is pulling from. 


Thank you for any advice!


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Unfortunately, there is nothing else that you can do to clean up what you are seeing at the REST endpoint for the geocode service that is published from a locator created with the Create Locator. The additional languages are there so if the service is used in an app that needs to be translated the input fields will show as translated. At this time when publishing a locator as a service from ArcGIS Pro the service description content is not populated, you will have to go into the ArcGIS Server Manager and edit the item description section of the geocode service, then save/restart the service to apply the update. The summary and tag information that you fill in on the Share Locator or Publish Geocode Service pane in Pro will populate the summary and tag info of the service when published.



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