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Classification comparison of 2 point clouds - confusion matrix

10-03-2023 09:32 AM
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Hello, I'm gradually discovering the different point cloud classification tools with ArcGIS (LAS). And I've seen that there are tools for calculating confusion matrices, but they require the use of Create Accuracy Assessment Points first, but I'd just like to be able to compare my point cloud with a classification considered to be true, with an identical point cloud classified by software. Do you know if this is possible and what steps to apply? There's also the Evaluate Point Cloud Classification Model tool, which would be perfect in my case, but requires the use of Deep Learning Model Files, which I don't have and don't use in my case. Thanks in advance and have a nice day

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I created an idea related to this. I am also looking for this capability. 


Compute Confusion Matrix or Accuracy Assessment fo... - Esri Community

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