Citizen Problem Reporter Solution is not available in ArcGIS Pro

02-15-2021 05:43 AM
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I have a problem with solution deployment in ArcGIS Pro. Earlier I installed "Install Add-In"  when I wa working with Utility Network solution.  But now in the Deploy an ArcGIS Solution task I don't have Citizen Problem Reporter Solution (my main task - it is deployment in ArcGIS Enterprise organization) .


How can I add it to ArcGIS Pro for future work?

And the second question is Can I use a geodatabase instead of so many separate layers on portal?


Thanks a lot.



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Kateryna - I found the Citizen Problem Reporter in the ArcGIS Solutions webpage - and from there did a search on Citizen Problem Reporter to eventually led to this help page - not sure why it does not appear in the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment tool.  The help page describes how to deploy the solution by going here - hope this helps!

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I am trying to deploy the Citizen Problem Reporter solution in ArcGIS Online.  When I click on the solution, it spins for a while, counts up and then finished with: Citizen Problem Reporter failed to deploy  Retry.

I have tried the installation with different users including admin users.


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