Changing the Output Folder for Temporary Files

11-18-2021 04:37 AM
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I'm trying to import a PBF file via the Quick Import tool to be later used for creating a Network-Dataset.

My PC has two partitions, AGP is installed on C:\ but my main work files including all projects are stored on D:\

Whenever I start the Quick Import tool, AGP starts creating a continuously growing temporary file (osm_tmp_nodes) under


Unfortunately this file eventually grows to the point where my C:\ partition is completely filled up and the process grinds to a halt.

Is there any option to make ArcGIS Pro save all temporary files to D:\ instead, where I have plenty of space available?

ArcMap had an option for this, but I have yet to find anything similar in Pro.

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Hello Stefan,

You can change the default file settings in ArcGIS Pro by clicking on the project ribbon tab, then options.  When the options window pops up, you can change different directory settings under "current settings" section.  I am not familiar with the workflow process you referred to as Quick import tool, but there may also be some settings under "geoprocessing" or "tasks" where you can adjust default storage and other logging.

Hope this helps.

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Hello Amanda,

Under options I have already set all the folders to D:\

The folder under "Tasks" is also set to D:\ and none of the "Geoprocessing" options allows me to change the AppData folder either.

So unfortunately I am still looking for a solution.


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You may need to change the path for your TEMP folder in your system or user Environment Variables on your computer?

Go to computer Search Windows, type in variables, select "Edit the system environment variables", select Environment Variables box.

Select TEMP and Edit... try for System Variables but you may not have permission.

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It's not very obvious in the option menu but you might be able to change it under Options->Share and Download 

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