Cannot update ArcGIS Pro

12-01-2021 02:19 AM
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Dear Community,

My Workstation has been wiped and reinstalled. Previously, I was always able to update ArcGIS Pro to newer versions after changing the relevant registry entry from 0 to 1.

However now I am now stuck with version 2.6.2. and ArcGIS keep telling me that this version is the current one.


I couldn't find a way to force the update, since I try to avoid reinstalling the whole program again. I would need to get back up to version 2.8 to work on my projects.

Any ideas what could prevent ArcGIS Pro from updating?

Many thanks in advance.

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Can you not access the current version through your "My Esri" 's downloads section?  If you are on maintenance personally or through your organization, the appropriate downloads are there

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What licensing type do you have?

If it's licensed through named user (ArcGIS Online), ArcGIS Pro automatically notifies you, downloads and updates itself internally.

If you have Single Use or Concurrent Use license type, then you need to download the lastest or lower available version of Pro from My Esri, and upgrade the existing version manually.

I am not aware of the registry entry part though.

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I think you should just download the latest 2.8 or 2.9 installer and run it.

Ignore the message that you are up to date.

Using the "upgrade" button saves you a few clicks but does the same thing.

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