Cannot sort using name or type in Pro...WHY?

06-02-2017 10:51 AM
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In ArcMap, when using the "Add Data" tool, I can sort using name or type, which is pretty important when you have a folder with lots and lots of data in it. 

In Pro 1.4.1, however, you cannot sort on anything when using the Add Data tool.

This seems like a pretty fundamental part of any software tool, and based on my limited experience with GUI development, someone would have had to do a lot of extra work to remove the sort (grid) tools from a file dialogue. 

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You were close... look down to the bottom left for your filter options... sorting is alphabetical by default as well.

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I saw that. Problem there is, how do your sort revers-alphabetically. In Arcmap, all I had to do was click on the "Type" column and sort types up or down, but I could still see them all. With Pro, now an extra few mouse clicks....

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put in an‌ I guess they figured people would just scroll rather than click... who knows

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