Cannot Run MSI Installer in SCCM

04-11-2022 09:07 AM
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I extracted the ArcGISPro.msi MSI file from the ArcGISPro_29_179927.exe installer and set up the Application installation in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager as I have done in the past without issue.  I set it to install silently and it runs into an 0x643(1603) error.  I changed the installer to run normally so I could see the error, and I got a message stating that I must accept the EULA. 

I checked the switches at Install ArcGIS Pro silently—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation and added the ACCEPTEULA=YES as it instructed.  I ran the installer and it still requests I accept the EULA.  I want to set this up to install silently and without user input.  Below is my current SCCM Application script: 


This was taken directly from the ESRI documentation.  I did move the ACCEPTEULA=YES up, but that is the only change I made and it didn't work as written in the documentation anyway.  I set the Application to install only to System, not to user.


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same issue with ArcGIS Pro 2.9, did not have with Pro 2.8 and prior.


when I UPGRADED 2.8 to 2.9 the installer works, fails for a clean install (no pro previously loaded)


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