Cannot remove a layer from a group in TOC in Pro

03-19-2022 11:18 AM
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Anyone else noticed a bug with Pro 2.9.1 whereby you cannot remove layers from a group layer after copying an APRX project?

Im getting this issue with a large map of layers. I can't remove layers from the group as the Remove option is greyed out.


...saying "composite sub-layers cannot be individually removed"?!

The workaround is to remove the whole group layer, then "undo" the remove. After this, i can remove layers from the group, but this breaks links to tables in the layout.

Anyone else seen this?

..Maps with no limits..
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Did you ever get this figured out? I'm using Pro 3.1 and have same issue and can't find anything useful online about it. I can get with Esri tech support, but thought I'd ask you first 🙂

And by figured it out...I mean without having to do the work around you discussed.

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