cannot overwrite web layer

05-18-2022 07:43 AM
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Hi all,

I have an issue while overwriting a web layer, it gives me the error message as in the image 

overwrite issue.png

The real issue is that I have many applications made by this layer and I need to overwrite it, so I cannot publish a new layer because by that I will redo all my work on the online applications.

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With our Portal site I have about a 50/50 chance that any given layer will be able to overwrite. We have about 6 apps dependent on any given layer so I try to allocate time to update the 6 maps whenever I do an update, just in case it fails again.

It looks like you have to turn off sync, do the overwrite, then turn it back on?? How does that affect field workers? I think work done since sync was turned on could be lost because disabling sync removes the change logs. I think you need to coordinate updates with anyone doing field work. 

This looks relevant:


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I only have a small group of users that have taken my map/data offline, so pretty easy to deal with the replicas as this method has to be coordinated across the users consuming the dataset.

So, when I need to do this, I have the users sync the data (if any edits are outstanding)  in field maps and remove replica from the device,

then,  I make sure all the replicas are removed in the REST service (only after they have been synced)

then I turn off "Enable Sync" in the item details setting page

Use Pro to overwrite the web layer

refresh the items detail page and turn on "Enable Sync"

then, re-create the Offline Areas in Field Maps web app or Web Maps item details page (which re-creates the replicas).

Then, the offline replicas can be re-downloaded to the device(s).


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