Cannot add item description publishing web layers from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Portal?

04-14-2020 06:55 AM
New Contributor III

I am using ArcGIS Pro v2.5 to publish layers to ArcGIS Portal v10.7 using the 'Share As Web Layer' option, but there doesn't seem to be an option to add a description, only a summary?

Obviously when the layer is published to ArcGIS Portal there is a description block on the item content and I would have thought there would be the option to add this in ArcGIS Pro like the Summary field, am I missing something? Why does this not show up?

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Did you ever find a solution/workaround for this? I am currently publishing quite a few layers to our portal with Pro 2.7.2 and not being able to include the description when publishing is a hassle. I usually publish both the feature and map service so I then have to had the description twice in Portal. It's really annoying.

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