Can't get right temperature range after calculating land surface temperature

08-20-2023 11:12 AM
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Howdy! I've been trying to calculate the land surface temperature of Ghana by following exactly this post: I have used Band 4, Band 5 and Band 10 I downloaded from USGS. However, after using the following formulas and creating my LST outcome layer, I get weird extreme temperatures (61 to 91 degrees) and I don't understand why:

My formulas and values are: 

1) Top of Atmosphere (TOA) = 0.00038*”B10.TIF”+0.1

Radiance Multiplier = RADIANCE_MULT_BAND_10 = 3.8000E-04 (so 0.00038)

Radiance Add = and RADIANCE_ADD_BAND_10 = 0.10000, both from the metadata

2) Brightness Temperature (BT) = (1329.2405/Ln((799.0284/"TOA")+1))-273.15 

K1_CONSTANT_BAND_10 = 799.0284

K2_CONSTANT_BAND_10 = 1329.2405, both from the metadata

3. NDVI = Float (band5-band4) / (band 5+band 4) 

4. Proportional Vegetation (PV) = Square((“NDVI”+0.121068)/(0.459455+0.121068)) 

NDVI min is -0.121068

NDVI max is 0.459455, both from NDVI outcome layer

5. Error Correction / Emissivity (E) = 0.004* ”PV”+0.986

6. Land Surface Temperature (LST): (“BT”/(1+(0.00115*”BT”/1.4388)*Ln(“E”)))

By looking at the formulas above, could someone help poor me identify any issues? 🙁

I didn`t get any operation errors while running the different steps/formulas in the raster calculator, and have tried different things to correct that, including extract by mask tool as in this video where the guy got the same error:, but it didn't work for me.

Considerations: In the LST formula, I`m not sure if using 0.00115 is right, since I`m using Band 10. But I also tried to use 0.00106 as per below, but it wouldn't work either. Maybe there is a value wrong somewhere and I can't see it...

Band 10 TIRS 1 ---- 10.6 – 11.19

Band 11 TIRS 2 ---- 11.5 – 12.51

In case anyone is feeling super nice and wanna help me solve this mystery 😅, here's the link to download the files I'm using:  

Thank you so much - forever greatful 😎


Reference paper: Estimating Land Surface Temperature Using ArcGIS Any Help Contact Mr.Vikas WhatsApp Number= +918421031398 Special Thanks for What I am Using Software: GIS BOOKS: Mic: HP ...
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Hi Sturaro! Have you solved the issue? I am having the same problem with another city and the LST range seems very high.

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Hi Sturaro and FarzadHashemi

Have You guys solved your problems? I also faced the same issue but now I got the correct output.

To get around that problem, I downloaded the Landsat 8 data (collection 2 Level 2) file. If the other methods yield the correct results, we can use that data to obtain the correct output.

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