Can't edit features of feature service in ArcGIS Pro

09-13-2021 12:31 AM
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Hi, everyone. I have published a utility network as a feature service to the AE server. I can edit and update all features in the AE portal with no error. However, I am having trouble editing the feature service in ArcGIS Pro. The error "The operation could not be completed, FID cannot be negative" pops up. Does anyone know how to solve it? If review the editing status, no issues with the features.

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Hi @KaiTingSoo,

Did you ever get this resolved and figure out the cause? 

We are experiencing the same.

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@Clubdebambos it could be this bug: 

BUG-000145809 Editing a branch versioned feature layer with attachments enabled fails and returns the following error message, "FIDs must not be negative."

One way to find out is to contact Esri Technical Support

There is a workaround listed: Register attachment tables related to any features classes inside the feature dataset as branch versioned and restart the service.

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Thanks @Scott_Harris 

We don't have versioning set but we do have archiving. I have a ticket with Support, and just gathering as much info on it as I can. Thanks for the bug code.

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