Can synced OneDrive / SharePoint folders be data paths used by multiple ArcGIS Pro users?

01-13-2022 08:10 AM
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Hello. My organization has multiple users that frequently need to work on one project (not simultaneously). We're using cloud hosted files (OneDrive / SharePoint) that we have synced to our Windows Explorers separately on our individual machines. The synced files allow us individual access to cloud hosted projects and shapefiles etc, with the addresses to those files mapped to synced folders.

The problem we can't solve is can one user work on a project, with files synced to their local machine, save and close that project, and a second user then open that project with usable data paths?

Currently the data paths don't appear to be transferrable between users, they come up as broken when the second user opens the project. We know how to repair data paths to our individually synced folders to the cloud hosted SharePoint files, but because we're not using a direct local server, those paths are different for each users local computer ("C:\user\name1\SharePointFilepath" vs "C:\user\name2\SharePointFilepath").

Thanks for any help we can get!

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