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Can not export NAIP raster with 3.1.1

05-03-2023 03:05 AM
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When I updated from 3 to 3.1.1 I can no longer export rasters from the Living Atlas image service layer "USA NAIP Imagery: Natural Color". I get the message "Cannot Export Raster: Analysis is not allowed on the image service USA NAIP imagery: Natural Color" 

If I use a computer that still has version 3 on it, I can export rasters fine. Is this a bug? Has something changed with the NAIP image service layers with 3.1.1? Will it get fixed?

I use NAIP a lot in my teaching and it is going to be a major issue if I can no longer export NAIP imagery from the living atlas. Other image service layers like Landsat still export just fine, but none of the NAIP options do. 

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