can esri basemaps be used in vector tile packages?

08-01-2019 01:26 PM
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I would like to use one of esri's basemaps like: streets, navigation or topographic as a layer, along with my own parcel and address point data to create a vector tile package. Is this possible? I am working on building a mobile map package along with water infrastructure data that can be used in ArcGIS Explorer as a reference map when field crews need something to view in an offline environment. I was thinking if I could use the already existing basemaps when creating a .vktp it could cut down on some of my build and re-build time of an offline reference map for Explorer. Any thoughts or answers would be helpful!



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Hello Jot,

I have a similar situation but using ArcGIS Survey123.  From what I've been reading I still am not clear if it's possible to take a specific area of ESRI's vector tile basemap for offline use.  When I tried to create a mobile map package of a map that included my vector business layers as a vptk and an esri vector tile basemap, it said I could not use the latter for offline use.  I need to check "references online services".  So this was not useful to me.  If I try to create a tile package of basemaps, they're way too big to download.  I need something the size of a Canadian province (or US state).  Did you make any progress with your question?

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