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Can an ArcGIS Pro Report have multiple columns per row in the Details section?

09-03-2020 09:51 AM
Occasional Contributor

I have a geodatabase table with an attribute field containing names.  I would like to use the ArcGIS Pro Report to make a list of those names.  Is there a way for the report to have multiple columns for each row in the Details section of the report?


For example, something like this:


Name 1       Name 2       Name 3

Name 4       Name 5       Name 6



Right now, I can only get a single column:


Name 1

Name 2

Name 3

Name 4

Name 5

Name 6


Is this possible in an ArcGIS Pro Report?


We used to have Crystal Reports and it had this capability.


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Regular Contributor II

I too would like to do this. I really wish the ArcGIS Pro development team would include a Pivot Table style function too in either the report or chart areas!

Lindsay Raabe
GIS Officer
Forest Products Commission WA
Occasional Contributor

I would love to see an example of GIS Data in Crystal Reports. Or any report. I am using ArcGIS Pro and the Runtime SDK trying to do make a basic report.

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New Contributor II

I also would like to do this. Particularly I would like to show 4 unique points on one page as like you can attachments. Is this possible?

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New Contributor

I also miss this possibility like in reporting by Arcmap.

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You can do this to list them, but it does know show as columns if that is what you are desiring. Go to the table properties or Elements Pane>Display Tab>Fields>Fields: Show Properties (Button at Bottom)>Enable Word Wrapping.

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