Calculating distances to points on a stream

02-17-2022 11:57 AM
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Hi, Everyone

I am trying to calculate the distances to multiple points on a stream from a single point, 'a well'. What I am trying to do is input well locations and stream data to calculate the distances from a well to multiple, or at least one, point on a stream. There are over 1000 wells and many streams.  This is for my graduate thesis. The image below shows 3 different ways to do it. I'm looking at the second, inverse distance. I am thinking Web Squared would be too difficult for me. Does any know any tutorials that can teach me how to do stuff like this?


Figure Credit: Water Resources Research - 2019 - Zipper - Rapid and Accurate Estimates of Streamflow Depletion Caused by Groundwater Pumping Using Analytical Depletion Functions

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Once you have the points from the streams Near will help you get the correct distances to the wells. Creating so many points is a bit tricky. You could use create point features along a line but this isn't scalable it seems. If you're into Python it shouldn't be too hard to loop through each line feature and create point features in a a new featureclass along the vertices. That will definitely help if you wanna have a go at the web squared method. 

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