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calculate attribute value based on relate feature

01-31-2022 03:41 PM
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Hi all,

i have a layer PIPE and there's a relate inspection table (relationship class) in our geodatabase.

In the layer, there's a field called "Material", in the relate table (inspection table) , there a field called "old material"

when we add an inspection in the relate table, is it possible to auto-calculate based on the PIPE layer feature attribute?

i tried to setup an express using arcade. but looks like it didnt work. any ideas?





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You're on the right track, but you should review the various Arcade functions to become familiar with what each does, and what it requires.

In the case of FeatureSetByRelationshipName, the function requires the name of the relationship class, which you would find in the layer properties. When successfully executed, it still only returns a FeatureSet, which may have any number of features in it, so you need some way of returning a specific feature from the set before you'll be able to access any of its attributes.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS